1. Scan QR code.
2. Open Experience.
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3. Place on a flat surface, and enjoy.



Griffin House in Dundas Valley is a national historic site. Access is limited to this 150-year-old building, to ensure its preservation. But you can digitally walk through this heritage property by touring the Griffin House Experience. Scan the QR code to explore and hear the stories about the Griffin family home and its surrounding landscapes.


Enerals and Priscilla Griffin fled enslavement in the U.S. to seek a better life in what was then called Ancaster Township (now City of Hamilton). They purchased Griffin House in 1834. The Griffin family lived on this 20-hectare (50-acre) site for 150 years as prosperous farmers and active members of white and Black communities in Hamilton and Ancaster. Today, Griffin House is a testament to the determination and accomplishments of African American/Canadian men and women who broke the colour barrier to become prominent community figures.