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Augmented Reality

AR allows people to bring objects to life. Augmented reality takes computer-generated images and places them in a real-world environment. Read more about this project and augmented reality.

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Create and Play

Check out the training — how to scan, model and mold your creations. From live programs that teach you the ins and outs of AR to training videos and how-to notes, we have training to take your projects to the next level.

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Your Projects

Want to share your amazing (re)creation? Simply submit your scans and models to add to the Collections. Go ahead, share your reality.

Hamilton's long-lost Crystal Palace is back. Using Augmented Reality, explore this architectural marvel of the past.

Play with this model on your desktop. With your smartphone or tablet, click the AR icon to place the Palace in your living room or backyard or visit Hamilton's Victoria Park to tour the Crystal Palace as it stood in 1860. The Palace combines technology with the best of our region's past, present and future.